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Located in the small village of Erinville, Nova Scotia, The Doyle family has been in the Christmas tree business for over 80 Years. We have been planting, growing and harvesting our trees in one of the best tree growing climates in the world. All of our trees are naturally grown and harvested without the use of chemicals.  We do not clear cut any of the forest as we only harvest a certain amount of the trees throughout our land so that they can be replaced with natural growth each year. Our trees are also groomed twice a year where they are trimmed with shears to make the perfect shaped tree.

The Nova Scotia Balsam Fir trees are the longest lasting and biologically sound trees from anywhere in the world. Nova Scotia's climate is perfect for growing Balsam Fir trees due to its cold, harsh winters and warm, wet summers. These conditions allow the trees to grow slowly with full thick needles. Our robust natural trees retain their great fragrance and vitality throughout the season and well into the new year. Believe it or not, most trees sold in Canada at Christmas time,  are from Nova Scotia.